Morning After

4th June, 2010 Although the official publication of The Pindar Diamond is not until Monday, after last night I feel as though this book is well and truly launched. Interesting word that: a book is launched like a ship being cast out onto the seas for the first time. Not a bad metaphor. Your book [...]

Hay on Wye

Ist June, 2010 Hay on Wye That’s it then. One more year, one more Guardian/Hay-on-Wye festival. I don’t think there’s more fun to be had anywhere else on this planet than in this one small and muddy green field in Herefordshire. Love doing my event – always do at Hay which always has a great [...]

The Circus coming to town!

Hooray, hooray, hooray! Have just had an email from Bloomsbury saying that Mariella Frostrup’s ‘The Book Show’ at Hay programme at the Hay-on-Wye Festival in May would like me to do a video diary for them while I’m there; they want me to feature  my old friend  Nell Gifford’s Gifford’s Circus, which is always one of the [...]